Blackwater’s Development team oversees the company’s development and real estate investment opportunities. Blackwater aims to develop best in class retail projects offering retailers the most prominent location within a respective market, ensuring a successful long-term venture for all stakeholders.  Blackwater is able to execute a new development project from conception through opening by identifying the best locations, negotiating with land owners, taking the property through full entitlement, securing the tenants and occupants for the project and overseeing the planning and construction of the project. Blackwater has the skill and experience to execute nearly any level of project from those that may be topographically or physically challenged to those where entitlements create unusual obstacles. Blackwater has experience working with local jurisdictions to obtain various incentives to support projects, and its personnel were involved with the first projects that provided the template for the Alabama Legislature’s enactment of a tax sharing model that many municipalities use today.

Blackwater is actively seeking new opportunities in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana,  Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

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Blackwater identifies strategic redevelopment opportunities to transition previously underperforming assets to fulfill their full potential, transforming these projects into premier retail destinations and providing the community with a renewed hub of economic activity. In addition, these projects create new retail and construction jobs, increase area property values, and produce incremental tax revenue for the municipalities it invest in. Currently, Blackwater has a planned redevelopment pipeline encompassing four projects totaling over $200 million in gross project costs.

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